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who i am

I am an entrepreneurial creative leader skilled at blending strategic and creative thinking into high-profile, visual-based marketing solutions. I have a strong focus on holistic design through creation of best-in-class comprehensive digital marketing initiatives focused on story-telling, brand development, and customer engagement.

what i do

With over a decade of progressive professional growth in the field of integrated marketing I specialize in leading shoppers to conversion through building highly persuasive, omnichannel experiences.

united federal credit union "cleanroom"
Life Stages
gladiator "Life Stages"
whirlpool "vantage"
Every Day, Care.
whirlpool "every day, care."
whirlpool "goddess"
Deluxe BMX
Deluxe BMX "Jeremy Ball"
kitchenaid "Shazam It!"
Life Simplified
amana "life simplified"

My video reel

A montage of projects I have been a part of from print to interactive.

let's connect

Whether you know me and just want to say hello, or if you don't know me and you want to talk shop, feedback is always appreciated.